“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci

One Focus: Long-Term Great

D Cubed operates ground up based on the notion that true private market investing is about investing into the right companies and enhancing long-term business value by serving as engaged partners and substantially resourcing those enterprises.

We are not in the deal or asset aggregation businesses. Rather, we are business-oriented investors with a deep passion toward continuous improvement, true value enhancement, and supporting the creation of lasting enterprises.

We focus entirely on generating superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors and our partner executives by investing in and partnering to build or enhance a limited number of long-term great businesses. Post-investment our approach centers on enhancing the development and growth of each partner company by supporting and/or extending their discipline and deliberateness to yield further enhanced differentiation – hallmarks of companies that are, or can be, great over the long-term.

We do not believe in using complicated capital or financial structures. And we strongly believe that aggressive leverage is in opposition to generating great risk-adjusted returns and building long-term great enterprises that can sustain fluctuating economic cycles. We recognize that our approach only works if our firm itself is disciplined about its application, and there is nothing more deeply rooted in our DNA and investment processes than discipline.