“Having great clients [underlying investors] is the real key to investment success…enabling a manager to take a long-term time frame when the world is putting so much pressure on short-term results.”
Seth Klarman

Not All Money is Green

D Cubed only accepts capital from appropriately aligned, long-term focused investors. These investors range from leading business executives to public market investors to many of the most successful of entrepreneurs and to amongst the wealthiest families in the United States and the world. Critically, and very different from the investors capitalizing most investment firms, our investors all have one thing in common – a long-term, owner mindset.

Limiting our investor pool to the right aligned group provides our partner companies with far more flexibility to strategically execute their growth plans without artificial timelines or divergent objectives, and hence provides a greater ability to optimize long-term success.

And unlike the traditional investors capitalizing most investment firms, our investor base is, itself, a tremendous additional network providing proprietary access and compelling advantages to companies in which we seek to invest. And for partner companies, many of these investors provide further value enhancement through sharing best practices, being an on-call sounding board, and providing strategic perspectives, deep sector expertise, and access to best-in-class resources.