“Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Investor of Choice

D Cubed does not operate by the principles and approach of most of today’s private equity firms. Rather we act as a long-term focused, private-market investor – in the spirit of those who have supported the building and growth of so many of the great businesses of the last 100 years.

We approach our business as investors as well as long-term partners in business-building – with a focus on substantially resourcing a limited number of companies rather than on executing the greatest number of deals. We are not the right investor when all constituents are seeking to exit or “trade out” of ownership. But we are the right partner when liquidity needs and/or a desire to optimally resource a business toward creating the most substantial long-term result drives the desire for a value-added partnership.

In that spirit, D Cubed strives to be the Investor of Choice to those business owners and executives seeking to build truly long-term great enterprises. Unlike many investment firms that easily “mouth” similar words, our differentiated model is structured and built specifically to support this approach. As a result, at D Cubed the core elements of our approach are lived and walked by our professionals every day:

  • We have a truly aligned investor base.
    Our investor base is different. It centers around highly successful founders, executives and other high net worth investors who have a long-term owner mindset and understand what it takes to build world-class enterprises. This provides each partner company with far more flexibility in executing its strategic plans without preconceived timelines.
  • We are truly deep and relevant in our sectors of focus.
    We invest only in and around a limited number of narrow industry sectors where we can bring truly advantaged and differentiated depth, access, resources, and insights to our partner companies.
  • We limit our number of investments.
    We approach each partner company as an individual business whose success is paramount, rather than as part of a portfolio. And we focus on investing in a limited number of companies. This allows us to dedicate the time and resources to help optimize the achievements of each investment.
  • We prudently capitalize our businesses.
    We use simple, aligned capital structures with prudent levels of senior debt. This maximizes commonality of interests amongst stakeholders, operational flexibility to capture opportunities, and sustainability through business cycles.
  • We are holistic, business-oriented investors.
    We are passionate about investing and enhancing the performance and ultimate potential of businesses. Our professionals are not “deal” focused, but are each holistic, business-oriented investors.
  • We deeply resource our partner company executives.
    We provide capital – both upfront and as needed by companies overtime. More importantly, we provide executives with access to exclusive and advantaged relationships with best-in-class industry and functional experts, thoughtful and candid advice, and those resources needed to realize the full potential of their businesses.
  • We never lose sight of the long-term.
    We don’t operate with a focus on short-term results, artificial timelines or exit strategies. We recognize that it takes time, focus and the right mindset to build and grow long-term great enterprises, and our business is specifically designed to provide this in a way that most private equity firms simply cannot – all in order to strengthen each business’ long-term success.