“Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing.”
Warren Buffett

Partner Companies. Not Portfolio Companies.

If you own, run or have built a company, you are not a trading card and your company is not a trading card. You don’t belong in a portfolio, and you should not feel or be treated as though you are. At D Cubed, we will never have portfolio companies because we view the world differently than most private equity firms – many of whom see investments as short-term trading positions in an otherwise larger, more diversified portfolio.

We will always have only a limited number of investments. Each of these partner companies is supported with a pure focus on its success, will never be forced to act in a suboptimal manner because it benefits a portfolio overall, and will never be exited in order to raise or aggregate new capital.

Toward each and every company in which we invest, we aim to be engaged partners in the truest sense and to provide the time, focus and greatest level of resources necessary to make that company and that investment successful – as an enterprise and for each and every stakeholder involved.