“Our job is to find a few intelligent things to do, not to keep up with every damn thing in the world.”
Charlie Munger

All Things to Some People

Rather than being a generalist firm often lacking the expertise and relevance to be a true value-added partner, D Cubed focuses our investment efforts in the consumer and business services industries. This helps cross-pollinate best-in-class practices from one industry to another – a huge source of value creation.

But we take focus far deeper and apply extensive resources within a limited number of sectors within those industries. These Focus Sectors are intentionally narrow in nature, which has allowed members of our team to become very deeply engaged and truly relevant within each of them. As a result, our professionals are frequently identified to speak at industry conferences, are sought out by leading trade publications, know the key leaders within the industry, have special relationships with industry influencers, and are able to reach and gain involvement from the true best-in-class specialists within the area.

This depth, relevance and resulting access creates a substantial competitive advantage over those who are focused solely by industry. And this advantage drives substantial benefit in every aspect of our business: identifying investment opportunities, being an attractive investor to companies, having special insight and access to aid in our assessment process, and being able to provide an enhanced base of resources and expertise to support management teams in driving differentiated performance improvement.