"I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and a better businessman because I am an investor."
Warren Buffett

Resourcing Executives. Not Imposing on Them.


D Cubed’s team is comprised of a seasoned group of professionals, each with meaningful private equity experience but also with experience in, and passion for, both investing and business operations. The D Cubed professionals and resources have over 50 years of experience and depth investing in the firm's focus sectors.

Our professionals are not segregated as “deal” or “operations” focused, and we operate with a no “hand-offs” approach in interacting with partner companies – as we believe that continuity of involvement and relationship is enormously valuable and many times overlooked. Our team’s primary focus is toward resourcing our partner company CEOs and management teams to success, rather than imposing answers and direction on them or acting as absentee owners.

To complement our team of business-oriented investment professionals, we operate with a group of industry and functional resources consisting of hands-on, best-in-class experts – all of whom have exclusive or advantaged relationships with our firm. With tremendously deep backgrounds in their respective fields, these resources are well equipped to assist our partner companies in quickly assessing, developing or improving programs and organizational capabilities, as well as in providing access to additional internal and external resources that may be highly value-added.

Importantly, unlike the traditional “operating partner” structure often disliked by management teams, each of our resource team members supports (rather than oversees) the partner company CEO and are only involved to the extent the CEO desires their participation. This model fosters a series of value-creating trust and respect-based relationships – a core element for attracting, retaining and motivating the best executives.