“My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things.”
Bill Gates

Focusing on What We Know Best

While compelling investment opportunities exist across all industries, nobody can or should truly claim to be best-in-class in everything. At D Cubed, we concentrate our efforts around specific narrow sectors within the consumer and business services industries – those in which we have made successful investments in the past and where we can bring truly advantaged depth, access, resources and insights to our partner companies. As a result, our professionals have special relationships with executives and influencers in the sector and are able to reach and gain involvement from the truly best-in-class experts.

We have a strategic focus and particular depth around companies that are in, service, supply to or utilize the services or products of companies in the following Focus Sectors:

  • Multi-channel/Direct-to-consumer marketing
  • Marketing services
  • Foodservice, restaurants and hospitality
  • Franchise-modeled businesses
  • Business services targeted to healthcare and education providers